Zumba is a dance fitness party combining Latin rhythm and hip-hop style to a catching beat. It’s interval training with alternating fast and slow rhythms to burn off extra pounds. Our instructors bring the fun with contagious energy making this class exercise in disguise. No dance experience is necessary.


$36 Residents/$46 Non-residents per 4 week – Session 1
($64 Resident/$74 Non-resident for both Mon AND Wed) – Session 1

Session 1: Mondays: 6/7/2021 – 6/28/2021
Session 1: Wednesdays: 6/9/2021 – 6/30/2021

$72 Residents/$82 Non-residents per 8 week – Session 2
($128 Resident/$148 Non-resident for both Mon AND Wed)  – Session 2

Session 2: Mondays: 7/12/2021 – 8/30/2021
Session 2: Wednesdays: 7/14/2021 – 9/1/2021

Register for twice a week and save.

Mondays Instructed by Diane Avalos
Wednesdays Instructed by Romina Pena-Sweetman

Fenton Community & Cultural Center


WERKWERQ! is a high intensity, wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on pop and hip hop music. This class provides a total body workout combining athletic moves and fresh dance steps.

THURSDAYS – 5:30-6:30 pm

$27 Residents/$37 Non-residents per 3 week – Session 1
Session 1: Thursdays: 6/10/2021 – 6/24/2021

$72 Residents/$82 Non-residents per 8 week – Session 2
Session 2: Thursdays: 7/15/2021 – 9/2/2021

Instructed by Nicole Bubnes

Fenton Community & Cultural Center


POUNDSweat! Sculpt! Rock! This class is off the charts and a growing worldwide trend in cardio fitness. Channel your inner rock star and torch calories with this full body cardio jam session! Using lightly weighted exercise drumsticks you will drum your way to a fit body. Lose pounds with POUND!

TUESDAYS – 5:30-6:15 pm

$32 Resident/$42 Non-resident per 4 week – Session 1
Session 1: Tuesdays: 6/8/21 – 6/29/21

$48 Resident/$58 Non-resident per 6 week – Session 2
Session 2: Tuesdays: 8/3/21 – 9/7/21

Instructed by Megan Behnke

Fenton Community & Cultural Center – Main Hall

Take Two on Tuesday

Chisel your abs in Shirley’s 30 Minute Abs class then rock your cardio in Megan’s Pound class. A head to toe and everything in between full body workout! 

TUESDAYS – 4:45 – 6:15 pm (15 minute break between classes)

$77 Residents/$87 Non-residents
Session 2: Tuesdays: 8/3/21 – 9/7/21

Fenton Community & Cultural Center


Girls’ night out just got healthy. Double down on dance with both Pound and Werq! Rock and Roll your body on Tuesdays in Megan’s Pound class then join Nicole on Thursdays for Hip Hop cardio dance! Two FUN and extreme musical work outs that will burn the calories and sculpt the muscles while you build strength and endurance.


$93 Residents/$103 Non-residents

Session 2: Thursdays: 7/29/21 – 9/2/21 & Tuesdays: 8/3/21 – 9/7/21

Fenton Community & Cultural Center

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