Speed & Strength

Ultimate Athlete Performance Training


$99 discounted for residents,
$109 regular fee for non-residents

This program designed and coached by Ultimate Athlete Performance will develop speed and strength to increase performance on the field for athletes. This will include sprint technique coaching, specific drills to increase sprint performance and power output, strength training to build muscle mass, and conditioning to increase endurance. If you are an athlete that is looking to increase their speed and strength on the field, this program will be great to add to your arsenal as an athlete. This training can be used alongside any other practices/sports an athlete may be participating in over the summer. Groups will be split into Middle School (6-8 grade) and High School (9-12 grade).

Classes held at FHS Football Field & Weight Room.

June 14-17, June 21-24, June 28-July 1, 2021
July 12-15, July 19-22, July 26-29, 2021

Days & Time

Mondays11:00am-12:00pmHS Speed & Agility
Mondays12:15pm-1:15pmMS Speed & Agility
Tuesdays11:00am-12:00pmHS Strength/Conditioning
Tuesdays12:15pm-1:15pmMS Strength/Conditioning
Wednesdays11:00am-12:00pmHS Speed & Agility
Wednesdays12:15pm-1:15pmMS Speed & Agility
Thursdays11:00am-12:00pmHS Strength/Conditioning
Thursdays12:15pm-1:15pmMS Strength/Conditioning

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