Non-Motorized Pathways for our Community

SLPR is working together with Argentine Township, Fenton Township, the City of Linden, the City of Fenton and LAFF Pathways in a commitment to bring non-motorized pathways to the southern lakes’ region.  This effort will connect local communities and neighborhoods in southern Genesee County with non-motorized pathway facilities providing recreational opportunities and alternate forms of transportation.  Together, we intend to create a sustainable, economically viable and active place to work, live, play and visit. Children, seniors, families, visitors, businesses, and property owners will all benefit from a non-motorized pathway. Pathways promote opportunities for outdoor socializing and recreation and visiting outdoor environmental attributes. National studies indicate that homes in pathway communities have increased in value faster than those in communities without pathways.

Phase 1: Silver Lake Road Trail 


This 2-mile long, 10’-wide asphalt trail begins at Lobdell Road and Haviland Beach Drive in Argentine Township and runs north on Lobdell Road, east and north through the Linden School campus.  It continues east on Silver Lake Road through Fenton Township to the City of Linden’s existing sidewalk system starting at Chestnut Way.  Phase 1 has been fully funded by grants and private donations with construction completed in the Fall of 2020.

Phase 2: Making the Connection; Silver Lake Road Connector 


This phase of the Silver Lake Road Trail serves as a connector between the City of Linden and the City of Fenton.  It is a 2-mile, 10’-wide asphalt trail that begins at Triangle Park in the City of Linden and continues east along Silver Lake Road through Fenton Township. It then follows along the north shoreline of Silver Lake, across from Lake Ponemah, and ends at Jennings Road, where it will connect to the City of Fenton’s existing sidewalk system. Currently there is no safe way for walkers, joggers, runners, bicyclists, and dog walkers to move between these two cities.

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