Self Defense

Self Defense S.A.F.E Workshop

$25 Discounted for residents,
$35 Regular fee for non-residents

Ages 13 and up

Self Defense

Learn simple and easy techniques to avoid trouble and to defend yourself. Using the acronym S.A.F.E Secure yourself, Avoid trouble, Flee if possible, Engage if necessary; this workshop will teach you avoidance and simple to do self defense techniques to defend against many types of attacks. It will teach you about simple everyday tools that are carried by You (not weapons) that could help save your life. This course Is especially good for the untrained person. This class is taught by Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed 10th Degree Black Belt. Dr. Ahmed has over 50 years in Martial Arts and has a background in Health Care as well as several years of Law Enforcement. Keep yourself S.A.F.E!

Saturday, September 14, 2019
5:00–6:45 pm

Fenton Community & Cultural Center
Instructed by Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed 10th Degree Black Belt


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