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Swim Lesson Levels


This class is designed to provide infants and toddlers, along with a parent/ guardian, with a fun atmosphere in which to become familiar with the water. The focus of the class will be learning swim basics (blowing bubbles, reaching & pulling, kicking, etc.) while singing and playing games in the water! There will be an emphasis on water safety. Ages: 6 months–4 years

Preschool Aquatics 1

This is the first class for children without their parents in the water. To advance in water skills, children must learn to be comfortable with their faces in the water. Beginning water skills like blowing bubbles, floating, submerging, kicking, reaching, pulling, treading water, jumping from the side and WATER SAFETY are emphasized. Due to safety concerns around water, children should be at least 3 years old to take this class so that they can follow directions and have an attention span that enables group learning. Some 3 year olds may be more comfortable in our parent/tot class. Ages: 3–6 years

Preschool Aquatics 2

Students in this class are comfortable with faces and heads wet, and will work on keeping themselves independently afloat. They’ll be practicing reach and pull arms, kicking, floating, gliding treading water, and underwater retrieval, all with a strong emphasis on SAFETY in and around water. Ages: 3–6 years

Preschool Aquatics 3

Students are already able to stay afloat and use forward locomotion. Typically they may be able to swim underwater. They’ll be building on the skills from Preschool Aquatics 2, such as reaching and pulling, floating, gliding front and back, and treading water, all with a strong emphasis on SAFETY in and around water. Participants who have passed all three levels of preschool aquatics, and are around the age of 6, will advance directly to Level 2 of the learn-to-swim program. Ages: 3–6 years

Level 1

Introduction of continuation to water skills learned in Preschool Aquatics. Children will learn about breath control, floating (back/front), gliding (front/ back), and swimming on the front and back. Children will receive assistance as needed, but will be encouraged to float/ glide/swim without assistance. Students will advance to Level 2 after gaining the confidence to swim without assistance, and becoming very comfortable swimming short distances. Water Safety will be emphasized. Ages: 6 & up

Level 2

Students in level 2 will continue with the skills taught in Level 1, with an emphasis on breath control while swimming (face submerged), and swimming for longer distances. Treading water, along with other self-help and basic rescues will also be introduced. Water Safety will be emphasized. Ages: 6 & up

Level 3

Students who advance to Level 3 should be swimming with their faces in the water, while on their fronts, and be able to stay afloat on their backs while swimming, for approximately 5 body lengths. This endurance is necessary for students to learn rotary breathing with front crawl, elementary backstroke, and dolphin kick. Sitting and kneeling dives will be introduced. Water safety will be emphasized. Ages: 6 & up

Level 4

Students are expected to be proficient in front crawl (with rotary breathing) before advancing to Level 4. Breaststroke will be introduced in Level 4, along with side stroke and back crawl. Standing dives will be introduced. Participants will also work on endurance in Level 4, and should be able to complete 25 yards front crawl, and 25 yards elementary backstroke before advancing to Level 5&6. Water safety will be emphasized. Ages: 6 & up

Level 5 & Level 6

Students will continue to work on Front crawl, back crawl, side stroke, elementary back stroke, and diving. Butterfly will be introduced, along with flip turns. Increased endurance will also be expected. Water safety will be emphasized. Ages: 6 & up

Swim Camps

Is your child looking forward to Swim Camp for the summer? Instructed under American Red Cross Guidelines. Swim Camp is offered for parents and children, to preschoolers, up through a range of skill levels. Lessons are designed to stimulate interest and motivate participants to learn to swim and advance.

Private lessons available also available starting at 11:45 am

One Week Swim Camp

30 minute lessons – $60 Resident /$70 Non-resident
45 minute lessons (level 3, 4, 5 ,6) – $70 Resident/$80 Non-resident

Parent & Child: 6 months–4 years old
Preschool Aquatics: Ages: 3-6
Levels 1-6: Ages: 6 & up

Fenton High School Pool
Instructed under American Red Cross Guidelines

SESSION 1: June 10 – 13
SESSION 2: June 17 – 20
SESSION 3: June 24 – June 27
SESSION 4: July 8 – 11
SESSION 5: July 15 – 18

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Preschool 110:00-10:30 am
Preschool 210:00-10:30 am
Preschool 310:00-10:30 am
Preschool 110:30-11:00 am
Preschool 210:30-11:00 am
Preschool 310:30-11:00 am
Level 110:30-11:00 am
Level 211:00-11:30 am
Level 311:00-11:45 am
Level 411:00-11:45 am
Level 5/611:00-11:45 pm

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