Gym Stars Gymnastics Programs

Gym Stars Gymnastics is the place to be for toddlers through high school age gymnasts to develop their best abilities. We offer recreational classes and a competitive team and are also the home of the Linden/Fenton/Lake Fenton High school Varsity team. Our emphasis is on having fun and staying safe as you go through proper gymnastics skill progressions. Our amazing instructors have a goal to build coordination, strength, confidence, and self-esteem and treat every child as a STAR!

All participants should come dressed for class. Leotards are preferred but shorts and a tight tee shirt are acceptable. Leotards are available for purchase in our pro shop. Long hair must be tied back. If you have questions or would like further information, contact the Gym Stars Gymnastics Director Nancy Holden at Gym phone 810-591-8198.

Gym Stars is located at Hyatt Elementary School 325 Stan Eaton Drive Linden MI. 48451

Gymnastics COVID Plan

Gym Stars Gymnastics is looking forward to getting back to classes for our gymnastics community. All participants must wear a mask (per Governor’s orders).. Procedures will be in place to keep our students and our staff safe.

We’ll reopen following these guidelines:

  • Sanitize hands upon entry
  • Temperature check at the door; any child with a temperature over 100.3 F will not be permitted entry.
  • Sanitize hands between events & before leaving
  • Limited spotting in classes
  • Facility cleaned & sanitized each day
  • Limited class size
  • Gap between classes to eliminate congestion in the lobby.
  • Social distancing will be expected
  • All adults will need to wear a mask

We greatly appreciate your help and understanding during these exceptional times and look forward to seeing all of our gymnasts back.

Gymnastics Programs

This program is designed for girls and boys 18 months – 5 years

18 months to 3 years

With the participation of a parent or caretaker the students will be exploring with music, color, jumping, swinging, and rolling, in a gymnastics setting.

Develop motor skills using gymnastics activities and equipment. Parent Tot is recommended for children not ready to be independent from parent.

Basic gymnastics skills will be taught with age appropriate activities. Gymnastic positions, rolls, cartwheels, balancing, swinging and safety will be included.
Students will work on rolls, cartwheels and handstands. An emphasis is placed on positions and safety. Students will work on skills to prepare them for the Rising Stars.

Classes are designed for children six years or older. With the exception of our 5/6 year old Beginner class.

5/6 YEAR OLD BEGINNER – This class is for the young beginner. Age appropriate skills will be taught similar to the beginner class, but with special attention on the needs of the young elementary aged students.
BEGINNER – This class is for students just moving up from our Twinkling Stars or with little or no gymnastics experience. Proper warm up, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, bridge and skills on all apparatus will be taught.
ADVANCED BEGINNER – Students will work to master skills taught in beginner. Forward and backward rolls along with cartwheels and back limbers will need to be mastered to advance to the intermediate class.
INTERMEDIATE – This class will introduce new skills. Front limbers, back kick over, handstand roll, and round off are the focus. Various skills must be mastered prior to advancing to the next class level.
ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE – Refinement of skills are stressed at this level. Students will learn back and front walkovers and are introduced to back and front handsprings.

KIP CLINIC – This class is for the Competitive Team level gymnasts to spend focused time working on their kip. Equipment and drills will be incorporated to aid in mastering these skills in an hour long session. Must be pre-registered. Ages: 7–18.
FRONT & BACK WALKOVER CLINIC – This class is for the Intermediate level or above gymnasts to spend focused time working on their front & back walkovers. Equipment and drills will be incorporated to aid in mastering these skills in an hour long session. Must be pre-registered. Ages: 7–16
FRONT & BACK HANDSPRING CLINIC – This class is for the Advanced Intermediate level and above gymnasts to spend focused time working on their front & back handspring. Equipment and drills will be incorporated to aid in mastering these skills in an hour long session. Must be pre-registered. Ages: 7–16



The Team program is for girls who have passed a more complex level of skills. The goal of the Team is to develop each gymnast to their fullest potential.

PRE-TEAM – This class will train students in a more complex level of skills. Conditioning and flexibility are incorporated to prepare for more advanced gymnastics. Must have a solid front and back walk-over to participate at this level. Front handspring and round off back handspring must be mastered for advancement from this level.
COMPETITIVE TEAM – Tryouts are required at this level. Practices are twice a week to prepare for competition and develop skills. Routines are performed on each event to showcase gymnast’s individual strengths. Students will compete with the Michigan Recreational Gymnastics League at meets throughout the year.

Gymnastics Events

November 25, 26, 26, 27, 28, 2020

GYM STARS Fall 2020 Schedule


Parent Tot [18m–3yrs]Tuesday4:00–4:40 pm11/3 – 12/8$70.006 weeks
3 Year oldTuesday4:50–5:30 pm11/3 – 12/8$70.006 weeks
4 Year oldTuesday5:45–6:30 pm11/3 – 12/8$70.006 weeks
5 Year oldTuesday6:45–7:40 pm11/3 – 12/8$70.006 weeks


5 & 6 yr old BeginnerFriday4:30–5:25 pm10/16 – 12/11$90.008 weeks
5 & 6 yr old BeginnerSaturday9:30–10:25 am10/17 – 12/12$90.008 weeks
BeginnerThursday4:00 – 4:55 pm10/15 – 12/10$90.008 weeks
BeginnerThursday4:30 – 5:25 pm10/15 – 12/10$90.008 weeks
BeginnerFriday5:45 – 6:40 pm10/16 – 12/11$90.008 weeks
BeginnerSaturday10:45–11:40 am10/17 – 12/12$90.006 weeks
Advanced BeginnerThursday5:15 – 6:10 pm10/15 – 12/10$90.008 weeks
Advanced BeginnerThursday5:45 – 6:40 pm10/15 – 12/10$90.008 weeks
Advanced BeginnerFriday4:00 – 4:55 pm10/16 – 12/11$90.008 weeks
Advanced BeginnerSaturday12:00 – 12:55 pm10/17 – 12/12$90.008 weeks
IntermediateThursday6:20 – 7:45 pm10/15 – 12/10$130.008 weeks
IntermediateFriday5:15 – 6:40 pm10/16 – 12/11$130.008 weeks
Advanced IntermediateThursday6:20 – 7:45 pm10/15 – 12/10$130.008 weeks
Advanced IntermediateFriday5:15 – 6:40 pm10/16 – 12/11$130.008 weeks


Pre–TeamWednesday4:00 – 5:55 pm10/14 – 12/9$130.008 weeks
Competitive Team Session 1Mon. / Wed.5:30 – 8:00 pm9/21 – 10/23$190.006 weeks
Competitive Team Session 2Mon. / Wed.5:30 – 8:25 pm11/2 – 12/16$190.006 weeks
High SchoolMon. / Wed.3:00 – 5:25 pm9/21 – 10/28$190.006 weeks


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