Gymnastics Camp

Gymnastics Day Camp

Beat the heat and come have a fun gymnastics experience with our great instructors!

Students will have extended class time to work on skills and explore the gymnastics with some extra fun gymnastics’ activities.

BeginnerMonday9:00-10:55 am8/9/21$25.001 day
Advanced BeginnerMonday9:00-10:55 am8/9/21$25.001 day
IntermediateWednesday9:00-10:55 am8/11/21$25.001 day
Advanced IntermediateWednesday9:00-10:55 am8/11/21$25.001 day
Pre–TeamMon. / Wed.11:15-2:15 pm8/9/21 & 8/11/21$40.002 days
Competitive TeamMon. / Wed.11:15-2:15 pm8/9/21 & 8/11/21$40.002 days

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