Find your P.E.P. with your Optimal Foods

$45 Discounted for residents
$55 Regular fee for non-residents

Ages 18+

Do you need more energy and want to feel better? It’s time to get your nutrition in check!

Food is the foundation for good health. Healthy eating is more than rice cakes and boiled chicken. Nor should you force yourself to eat foods you hate because the perceived health of it. Healthy eating is deliciously nutritious with the foods that your body needs to form fuel function optimally.

You can reach and sustain your health body mind goals with the right for your body nutrition. Every body is unique and so are your nutritional needs. Instead of trying to fit your life and needs into a generalized diet/meal plan, create one that is centered around the most critical component, you.

In this class you will learn the components to turning a diet into a lifestyle by creating your perfect eating plan (P.E.P.) with foods your body needs to form fuel function optimally. Reach your health body mind goals with the how, why and what to eat. Each student will receive accompanying workbooks to take home.

Session 1: Monday, June 27, 6:00–9:00pm
Session 2: Monday, July 25, 6:00–9:00pm
Session 3: Monday, August 22, 6:00–9:00pm

Classes held at the Fenton Community & Cultural Center
Instructed by Registered Dietician, Lori Vandenboss

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