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Youth FitnessYouth Fitness

Family Yoga – will return this Fall

Make this your family fun night!! You and your family can enjoy music, games, and gentle yoga postures as you exercise, bond and relax in a fun atmosphere. Parents, grandparents, and kids participate together. All ages welcome. Bring a mat or beach towel.

WEDNESDAYS 7:00pm–7:45pm

Residents: $100 /family of 4
Non-Residents: $110 /family of 4
Add $5 for each additional family member

Fenton Community & Cultural Center, Main Hall
Instructed by Samantha Sturgis, Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga

Generation Pound – will return this Fall

This youth-oriented program fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork! Kids will learn new ways to interact, they’ll be free to make some noise, be creative, and ROCK OUT as they build strength and endurance while using ‘ripstix’ to the music.

Perfect for ages 6-12

Rainbow Kids Yoga

Kids will enjoy music, games, and yoga postures as they bond and make friends in a fun atmosphere. Bring a mat or beach towel.

$30 Residents/$40 Non-residents

WEDNESDAYS – 4 WEEKS – 7:00pm–7:45 pm

Session 1: June 5–June 26, 2019
Session 2: August 7–August 28, 2019

Fenton Community & Cultural Center
Instructed by Samantha Sturgis, Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga


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