STEM Programs


Mad Science Stem Classes, Ages 5 to 12

Brand New Stem Science Classes for children ages 5 to 12! Sparking Imaginative Learners!
SLPR is excited to be partnering with Detroit Mad Science to bring these programs to the youth in our community. These virtual classes are taught LIVE, via a virtual platform for kids to interact with the Mad Scientist and their peers! Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks consecutively. Programs will be recorded and available for 1 week after each class meeting. A variety of subjects to choose from – something to keep everyone’s brains active and engaged. Experiment Pack with Take-Homes and additional activities to extend the educational impact – Delivered right to your door! These classes are $74 for 5 hours of hands-on science!
Adaptive Recreation

Adaptive Recreation

Adaptive Recreation

Adaptive Soccer at SLPR

Soccer season kicks off in the fall — and, now it can kick off for even more people with Adaptive Soccer.  Adaptive Soccer Fun, “ASF,” literally kicks off the Spring session on Saturday, April 17th.  The program runs every Saturday through June 12th, with a class time of 10:30am to 12pm.  

This is a special needs soccer program aimed at people age 5 through adult who want to play soccer but are unable to participate in main stream programs. The program features clinic-like sections that focus on conditioning, basic skills, rules of the game and most importantly, having fun. Parents and families are encouraged to participate by either cheering on the sidelines or occasionally taking the field to scrimmage, as they desire. Lasting friendships have been developed between the players and families from Linden, Fenton, Swartz Creek, Davison, Grand Blanc, and more. The Vipers have been invited to play at special events at local high schools and universities. The team is run by long-time Coach Jerry Davis with assistance from a crew of “Buddies” who help out on the field.

Saturday, 10:30am-12:00pm
April 17th to June 12th
Fenton High School Soccer Fields                                                                                                              $45 Discounted for residents,
$55 Regular fee for non-residents


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Needing Friendly Faces

Calling all volunteers looking to join our crew of buddies. Volunteers will help cheer on and work with our soccer participants. If you would like to join our Adaptive Soccer Fun team, please contact us at

Book Club

Book Club

Fenton’s Open Book Club

Fenton’s Open Book will be offering a book club that will meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. If you have any questions, please call Fenton’s Open Book at 810-629-8000. (105 West Shiawassee).

The cost is free and the participants will receive a 20% discount on their book club purchase.

Happy Reading.

Ages 16 & up.

2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm

Fenton’s Open Book, 105 West Shiawassee, Fenton

TECH Posture


Computer & Technology Classes

Get familiar with technology and improve your computer skills! Instructor Mike Wilson will walk you through all you need to know. Registered participants will receive an e-mail the day before the class. Click the text in the e-mail and follow a few steps to “enter the classroom”. At the class start time, you will hear your instructor and see his live demonstrations!

Computer Instructor and author Mike Wilson’s passion has been helping 1000’s of adults and seniors learn computers in over 40 cities. He has taught at colleges, workforce and development, community education centers, libraries, and senior centers. Mike’s live sessions are great for students to improve their knowledge of computers and software.

Understanding Browsers, Getting the Most Out of Google & Searching the Web (Virtual Class)

Days: Thursdays, March 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2021
Time: 10:00–11:00 am (virtual class)
Fee: $55 residents, $65 non-residents

Learn the ins and outs of browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Set your home page and create favorite websites to easily return to. You will see how to use browser tabs, enlarge web pages, as well as use ‘Read Aloud’. (“Read Aloud” is a feature that will read your text to you.) Do you use Google’s search box to type a website into and think that’s about all there is to it? You will  understand how to use and get the best out of search engines such as Google for looking up information and doing research. Find out how to search for practically anything online! Learn how to limit your searching for more accuracy. Find out about features from your browser and searching that will make your life easier. All these things will be taught in this “adult- and user-friendly” class!

Excel for Those Who Don’t Have a Clue (Virtual Class)

Days: Sundays, January 24, 31, 2021
Time: 1:00–2:15 pm  (virtual class)
Fee: $35 residents, $45 non-residents

Learn to navigate and interface with Excel’s basic features. See how a simple home budget and contact list is created. You will view how to use calculations such as autosum, max and average and see how simple formulas are created. Also learn to use the fill handle, sort existing data, merge and center, move cells and ranges and wrap text. Quick and simple projects will be created to show the everyday practical side of Excel.

Powerpoint for Beginners & Recent Learners (Virtual Class)

Days: Tuesdays, March 2, 9, 16, 2021
Time: 1:00–2:15 pm (virtual class)
Fee: $55 residents, $65 non-residents

You can create eye-catching presentations with PowerPoint! We will explore the PowerPoint interface and create presentations from simple stock designs. Learn to easily apply themes, animate text, and insert images. See how to create text boxes and manipulate slides for printing. We will enhance a presentation by adding animations and transitions. Finally, view the actual presentation as seen by your audience and get a few tips and tricks to design presentations for maximum impact. (not for Apple/Mac users)

I Need Help Creating, Editing, Organizing My Pictures, Files, Folders, and E-Mails (Virtual Class)

Days: Sundays, March 7, 14, 21, 28, 2021
Time: 1:30–2:30 pm (virtual class)
Fee: $55 residents, $65 non-residents

Are your files, digital pictures, emails, and information scattered everywhere on your computer? Instructor Mike Wilson will demonstrate how to create an orderly system with pictures, files, & folders. Discover how to download and copy files and pictures from the Internet. See pictures transferred from a cell phone to a computer and how minor picture editing changes are made. Save files and projects on your computer and flash drives, and easily find them. Learn how to create, copy, move, and relocate pictures, files, and folders. See a demonstration on arranging and deleting e-mails. In addition, search for misplaced pictures, files & e-mails and locate them. (Not for Apple/Mac users.)

Should I Click On That? Computer Safety & Security (Virtual Class)

Days: Saturdays, February 20 & 27, 2021
Time: 12:00–1:15 pm (virtual class)
Fee: $35 residents, $45 non-residents

A 2-hour seminar for adults who are frustrated with strange things that pop-up on their computers! Your friendly instructor Mike Wilson will inform you about what you should and should NOT click on. Computers were made to enjoy and not have the user stuck with unknown and frustrating things that occur. Here is what Mike will define and demonstrate: Online Safety; Scams to Know About; Frustrating and Suspicious Popups; Turning on Popup Blockers; Friendly Windows 10 Notifications; Advertisements; E-mail Ads and Links, Knowing What to Click On; Malware Protection; Do Your Research; Downloading Files, Cookies and Your Browser, Updates, Get Control of Your Device, and The Real from the Counterfeit! (Not for Apple/Mac users, or tablets.)

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Adult Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Whether you are interested in martial arts for self-defense, discipline, or a great workout, Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation offers a number of different disciplines for you to choose from.

Adult & Family Karate

$48 Discounted for residents
$58 Regular fee for non-residents

Ages 5 to adult

Fenton Karate is a family orientated Martial Arts School. Here you will learn the traditional art of Tang Soo Do; it is a karate-based Korean Martial Art. The techniques of Tang Soo Do combine elements of Shotokan karate, Soo Bak Do, Taekkyon, and Kung Fu. We also train in Hapkido, a form of self-defense that employs joint locks and throwing techniques.

Children and Adult Family Karate is for children ages 5 + as well as adults. Our program emphasizes on self-defense, physical fitness, conflict resolution, teamwork, and anti-bullying techniques with traditions of discipline and respect. Our goal is to enhance your confidence, focus, self-control, and provide a fun way to exercise.

• Uniform is included for Children
• We invite parents to train for FREE with a purchase of a uniform.
• Please visit to view Fenton Karate’s COVID plan

Winter/Spring Schedule – January 25 – March 3, 2021
Take advantage of ALL our training times below!

Monday     ………………..5:00-5:45 pm
Wednesday……………….5:00-5:45 pm
Saturday…………………9:45-10:30 am

Fenton Karate, 1366 N. Leroy, Fenton MI,
Call: 810-750-9800
Instructed by Master Anthony Husted 6th Degree Black Belt & World Sparring Champion


$48 Discounted for residents
$58 Regular fee for non-residents

Age 13 and up

Hapkido is an ancient Korean Martial Art that emphasizes the development of each person’s internal energy, or “ki”. Practice of the art strengthens both the mind and the body, leading to improvement in one’s physical development and mental attitude.

For Self Defense Hapkido is unsurpassed! It combines the many punching and hand striking skills of boxing, Kung Fu, and Karate, the takedowns and throws of Judo/JuJuitsu, the fancy kicking techniques of TaeKwon Do, and many unique joint locking & pressure point skills to make it the most effective and complete form of Self Defense ever devised.

Philosophically, Hapkido stresses humility, self discipline, self-control, loyalty, and respect for others. Together, these aspects of Hapkido provide the means for attaining along and healthful life.

Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Session 1: 
January 21 – February 25, 2021
Session 2: April 22 – May 27, 2021

World Martial Arts Academy
7007 Silver Lake Road, Linden 810-458-6363
Instructed by Grand Master Dave Weatherly 9th Degree Black Belt

Judo/Brazillian JuJitsu

$48 Discounted for residents
$58 Regular fee for non-residents

Ages 8 & up

The Art of throwing and grappling. Great for athletic people, helps develop “close quarters” Self Defense skills. The class will emphasize many more throws and takedowns than a standard MMA/Wrestling program. Judo is practiced as a popular martial art and sport throughout most of the world, and is even included in the Olympic Games. Great coordination, confidence, and physical strength are developed by regular Judo practice.

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 pm
April 20 – May 25, 2021

All Classes held at: World Martial Arts Academy
7007 Silver Lake Road, Linden 810-458-6363
Instructed by Grand Master Dave Weatherly 9th Degree Black Belt

Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate)

$48 Discounted for residents
$58 Regular fee for non-residents

Ages 13 & up

Welcome to the exciting World of Tae Kwon Do! Students will learn to develop their coordination, physical fitness level, and ability to concentrate. Combined with Tae Kwon Do’s dynamic, flashy kicks and powerful hand striking techniques, the student will learn to be much more self-confident. The study of true martial arts is a fun, disciplined way to develop the qualities of good character.

*Besides the Self Defense benefits, students will even learn how to break boards!!!

Please visit to view World Martial Arts COVID plan.

Mondays, 6:45 – 7:30 pm
Session 1: 
January 25 – March 1, 2021
Session 2: April 19 – May 24, 2021

All Classes held at: World Martial Arts Academy
7007 Silver Lake Road, Linden, 810-458-6363
Instructed by Grand Master Dave Weatherly 9th Degree Black Belt

Adult Tai Chi

$48 Discounted for residents
$63 Regular fee for non-residents

Adults only, 18 and up

In our Tai Chi class you will learn an ancient self improvement method that is totally different from other sports or exercise classes. Tai Chi is a very popular Oriental Holistic fitness program that has the added dimension of healing the mind and body from within.

The class focuses on proper breathing, increasing circulation, and developing internal energy (Ki Power) for improved overall health. You will learn graceful basic actions, which are actually “Low Impact” exercises in disguise! Unlike other programs, the class is so fascinating that you will never be bored!

When you are able to perform all of the basic actions as one continuous flowing motion, that is considered a Tai Chi FORM. The goal is to be able to move smoothly through the FORM without the intervention of conscious thought. This is very relaxing for both the mind and body; and it is very beneficial in relieving mental and physical stress.

Students typically experience increased flexibility, less body and joint stiffness, increased range of motion, and less pain. Body balance, coordination, and a more positive outlook on life are also reported by students as a result of Tai Chi practice.

When you leave class you will feel rejuvenated, energized, and ready to tackle life with a GREAT NEW ATTITUDE. Adult Only!

Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 10:45 am (6 weeks)
Session 1: January 20 – February 24, 2021
Session 2: April 21 – May 26, 2021

World Martial Arts Academy (810) 750-2175
7007 Silver Lake Road, Linden, MI 48451
Taught By: Grand Master Dave Weatherly, 9th Degree Black Belt

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Open Gym

Open Gym

Adult Open Basketball

**Currently postponed due COVID-19 restrictions

$5 per person

Bring your friends and shoot some hoops! Participants must have clean/dry shoes. Participants under 14 must have a parent/guardian present at all times.

Sundays, 6:30-8:30 pm
Beginning January 24, 2021

**Subject to holidays and school calendar

Ellen Street Campus

Please check our website for more information.

Adult Open Volleyball

**Currently postponed due COVID-19 restrictions

$5 per person

Drop in and play a fun, recreation game of volleyball!

Fridays, 6:30-8:30 pm
Beginning January 22, 2021

**Subject to holidays and school calendar

AGS Middle School

Please check our website for more information.


Kids Yoga Outdoors


Kid’s Yoga

Children will learn yoga poses and exercises which cultivate a calm mind, increase strength and flexibility, improve gross and fine motor skills, improve concentration and give them tools to manage stress. Music and games will be incorporated. Our goal is for your child to feel calm and mindful while having fun in the fresh air with friends.

Ages 6-11

$48 Residents/$58 Non-residents per 6 week session

TUESDAYS –  5:30–6:15 pm

Session 1: 1/5 – 2/9, 2021

Fenton Community & Cultural Center


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AAU Volleyball

2020 AAU Volleyball – Postponed Until April

Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation
2021 AAU Volleyball – Postponed Until April 2021

AAU Volleyball 13U – 17U (grades 7-10)

13U – 17U Players

Season: February – April
Practices: 2x a week (TBA)
4 Tournaments (TBA)

***Teams wishing to participate in additional local tournaments, State Tournament, or Regional Tournaments ay incur added costs. This will be a per team basis agreement and will be communicated by assigned coach.

AAU Volleyball 12U (grades 5-6)

12U Players

Season: February – Early April
Practices: 2x a week (TBA)
3 Tournaments (TBA) and 1- inter-club play date

***Teams wishing to participate in additional local tournaments, State Tournament, or Regional Tournaments may incur added costs. This will be a per team basis agreement and will be communicated by assigned coach.

Team Placement Evaluations – 

Where: Fenton High School, 3200 W. Shiawassee, Fenton, MI
When: Age groups will be evaluated separately per schedule below

Please check MJVBA website: for age group concerns & verification.

  • U13 (GRADE 7): 10:00AM-12:00PM
  • U14 (GRADE 8): 12:00PM-2:00PM
  • U15/U16: 2:00PM-4:00PM
  • U12 AND UNDER (GRADES 5-6): 4:00-6:00PM

Check in 30 minutes before scheduled time for your age group; come by GRADE if the age does not match with their current grade.

What to bring: Tennis shoes, knee pads (optional), water bottle, if possible wear a shirt with players name on back.

Registration Space is limited, so please register early to ensure placement space.

Late registrations will be accepted and waitlisted. Team placements will be accommodated based on coach availability for teams and skill level. All registrants need to attend Evaluations Day. Every effort will be made to accommodate all registrants in the younger age groups. Older age groups must have a minimum number for team formation

Registration & Payment Accepted Online or at SLPR Offices ONLY! No payments will be accepted on evaluation day.

$25.00 non-refundable evaluation fee is due at registration and is applied toward total league fee. Full payments can be made online or at the SLPR Main Office. No payment plans available for Local AAU Registrations.

Once a player is assigned to a team- additional paperwork will need to be turned in directly to the assigned coach at their 1st practice; AAU player Card (additional cost), emergency medical release form, & concussion awareness.




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Fenton Linden Safe - Strong - Connected

COVID19 Reopening Plan

Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation (SLPR) is preparing for reinstating our programs and activities as well as reopening our office with the utmost care and thoughtfulness going into the safety of the public, our patrons and our staff. SLPR will do our part to remain diligent. We’re excited to launched our activities brochure online as we work to provide all the programs we can within the new safe standards so our Communities can get back to recreation! We are looking towards the future and realigning our safety measure in accordance to CDC Guidelines and Osha Guidance on Preparing the Workplace.Read More

Music in the Parks

Fenton & Linden Summer Concert Series 2020

Music in the Parks
Summer Concert Series 2020

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Fenton & LindenConcert Series have been canceled. The City of Fenton DDA, the City of Linden DDA and Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation thank you for your understanding and support during these trying times.

We look forward to making LIVE music with you in 2021!